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I noticed! ;-)

What a fun time. I love Bobby Flay!

Can't wait to see what title you come up with.


How about... A Military Brat in Connecticut? I'm not saying you're a brat, but you know more about it than Ty does :P Or... a Springs Girl in Connecticut? I'm just throwing out ideas. Its ok if you think they all stink.

And thanks for appeasing me (& Katie :)

Susan Bailey

I noticed, too, but didn't want to give you hard time.

As for a new title, how about "Rambling Brooke." :-)

Carrie G

I noticed, but I haven't been keeping up with mine either so it wasn't fair.

Cozy in Connecticut.

I'll go look at fabric ANY DAY!!!

The Boe Family

I'm so glad you're back! I have a blog site-I just haven't added anything yet. I hope to have mine up and running by June. I'll keep you posted.

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