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Your house pretty much DOES look like a picture out of the pottery barn catalogue! What are you talking about?!? Grandma likes couch #1 and Mom and I like #2, Dan likes what I like :)

Carrie G

The first photo of your bedroom IS pottery barn. Looks great - I think you have more "finished" in your house than we do in our 4 yrs of living here.

Couch number 2 for sure. The pillow back couches never seem to be 'right', always adjusting the pillows in the back. I like the clean lines in #2, paired with pillows, to soften it up.


I have the Greenwich couch. Not sure if you've seen it in the store or just online? I love the look of it, and for a living room that you aren't using a ton, it's great. But if you're looking for a TV watching, get comfy and veg kind of couch... this isn't it. At least not for me - I like something a bit more cushy and over-sized. LOVE your house - and your paint choices! (especially the green bathroom. I need to get me some green)

lisa guzz

I just love your new home! Just LOVE it.
I also need to ask because I work for a major plumbing manufacturer...
What kind of toilets do you have. hahaha.

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